About us

PROPEL is a purpose driven and values oriented company primarily serving the maritime industry. Our intention is to facilitate a paradigm shift in safety, as the current regime does not prevent recurrence of disasters at sea.

Hence, our vision: Zero disasters at sea
Hence, our mission: Make safety awesome

PROPEL has a unique combination of data, insight and experience to create results with an alternative approach built on experience from projects related to strategic, cultural, operational and technical improvement and change. We do this through management consultancy and scalable and digital solutions.

Adhering to our values is key to everything we do.

Independent to us means stating our opinion, even though the majority might disagree and it may not be in our own short-term interest to do so.
Insightful to us means to support our opinions and solutions with sound data and industry insight.
Innovative to us means to combine creativity and insight to create alternative solutions and approaches that engage people and prevent disasters.

The range of our services is tailored to build strategic capabilities for all maritime stakeholders and segments.

Typical service areas:

Culture development
Performance and risk management
People development (leadership, training and strategic HR)
Governance (safety management systems)
Asset managment (repair and maintenance)

Typical projects:

Diagnosis, assessments and benchmarking
Improvement and change management.

Typical roles:

Project- and change manager
Subject matter expert
Provider of digital solutions