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Vice president
PGS Operations acquisition

The outcome of working with Propel was a ‘sea change’ for PGS Operations and a metamorphosis from a lagging and detail oriented operational culture to a leading, and risk-inquisitive one.

The concept was also a success by implementing a new formal organizational structure, including new constructs such as onboard and onshore Management teams with a clear and defined transfer of pertinent information about risk and performance between those levels. This was previously a broad-band stream of all information flowing upwards, without any prioritization or structure.

Since implementing our “One Culture”, our Maritime downtime has been at an all-time low and almost an order of magnitude reduced. HSEQ lagging indicators are at best-ever levels. Management time is more effective. The vessels feel more integrated with the onshore tasks and activities, and less remote and less of a perceived ‘gap’.

Today, our downtime is at an all time low and performance remarkably high. In fact, several of the oil majors have given us credit for creating a unique culture resulting in a performance that is 2-3 better than the industry average. In such respect we have outraced our competitors. Our performance has been noticed by our underwriters with a positive impact on premiums.

As a VP, my work day is considerably different today. I used to be involved in quite detailed operational issues and would also be talking directly with the vessel onboard management for all kind of topics. Today, we respect and use ‘the line’ and give the Vessel Managers and the Head of Vessel Operations the authority and the responsibility to manage the day-to-day activities, and myself and the other VPs are only engaged when a high-risk, or significant, fleet-wide issue arises.

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Head of Enterprise Risk management
A.P Møller - Mærsk

Working with Propel provided access to a pool of cross industry expertise, experience and insights into safety culture and accident dynamics, also from a technical, as well as a qualitative point of view. The team was a valuable and competent sparring partner within their field, coupled with the necessary flexibility to allow and account for company specifics.


President and Chief Executive Officer
Torvald Klaveness

Safety is critical to Torvald Klaveness; not only to our people, but also to our business. Our safety performance is the best indicator of our overall performance.

We know that we all make mistakes, both on board and ashore. As an organization we accept that as a fact, and we believe that being open about our mistakes is a sign of strength. Our failure would be if did not learn, and improve, from our mistakes.

We regularly ask PROPEL to assess our safety performance and to diagnose our safety culture, in order to verify how well this attitude sits with our people. The diagnosis is helpful in documenting how we are developing, and in identifying further improvement areas.