Our people


Our senior consultants always play an instrumental part in project execution to ensure efficient project set-ups and quality deliverables. We utilize our extensive industry experience and network in project execution.

Benedikte H. Wentworth

Principal Consultant

benedikte.wentworth@propel.noLinked In

Benedikte has considerable experience related to risk, safety and competence management. She has extensive project and management experience.

Rolf Ole Jensen


rolf.ole.jensen@propel.noLinked In

Rolf has extensive experience from performance improvement in the technical and commercial operation of ships, classification, design, and due diligence projects..

Dr. Torkel Soma


torkel.soma@propel.noLinked In

Torkel has comprehensive experience in organizational reliability, risk management, safety performance, safety culture and leadership.

Didrik Svendsen


didrik.svendsen@propel.noLinked In

Didrik has experience in restructuring and building core and strategic capabilities, as well as developing and implementing business culture programmes for well respected names in the industry.

Morten Kristmoen


morten.kristmoen.noLinked In

Morten has long-term experience from the commercial side of shipping, having worked both as a shipbroker as consultant in multidiscipline projects.

Gudrun Helset

Principal Consultant

gudrun.helset@propel.noLinked In

Gudrun has comprehensive experience within human resource & people management, both from the implementation of process changes and IT systems, and as a manager of competence intelligence for a major maritime organization.

Oda Bang

Senior consultant

oda.bang@propel.noLinked In

Oda has comprehensive experience in the assessment of major accident risk and the implementation of solutions in large-scale projects for leading shipping companies.

Astrid Gjerdrum


astrid.gjerdrum@propel.noLinked In

Astrids expertise lie in assessments, applying qualitative and quantitative methodologies she specializes in implementation strategies for improved environmental culture. She is a key resource in Safety and Environmental Culture Assessment and implementation.

Dario Nardi, Ph.D.

Principal Consultant


Dario has extensive international experience as an instructor for technical and human resource material, and conducts neuroscience-based skills and personality assessment. He also holds a position as senior lecturer at University of California (Los Angeles).

Geir Dale

Principal Consultant

geir.dale@propel.noLinked In

Geir has an educational background in Political Science and International Relations, as well as in Psychotherapy and Organzational Consulting. He has long term experience in strengthening people-skills with individuals,teams and companies.